About Us

Welcome to spronet.ng

Spronet.ng is a social online marketplace that gives every business the opportunity to put their business online and make meaningful business connections to high end customers.

What You Get

At spronet.ng every business gets access to a free website including an online store to showcase, share and sell goods and services to customers both inside spronet and through various social media channels.

Our Belief

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed. That's why we've made it our purpose to create a level playing ground for businesses to thrive and connect through e-commerce.

Who We Are

We are Spronet Hub, duly registered in Nigeria & the USA.
We are in the business of connecting businesses to tools and resources for success and helping them thrive in a digitally evolving business ecosystem.

Let's do business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spronet is an Online Marketplace, where verified businesses meet, buy/sell, share business information and connect.
Adding your business on Spronet is totally Free. There are no hidden signup fees.
Adding your business can be done in 3 easy steps, start by creating a Spronet account.
  1. Go-to https://spronet.ng/signup fill the form and verify your email address.
  2. Sign into your account and go to settings from your dashboard.
  3. Input your business information on the business section of the form, upload your CAC certificate and save if you have filled the correct details.
  4. Proceed to add your goods/services.
Only verified businesses are allowed to deal (Sell) on Spronet, this means you need to have a CAC certificate from the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) i.e., if you are a business operating in Nigeria.
If you are a business in Nigeria but not yet registered with CAC and would want to register your business with CAC, you can fill the survey here to speak with a CAC certified Agent.
Spronet makes money through commissions on transactions done through spronet.
This means that we make advertising your business a priority and ensure safe and secure transactions on our platform.
Spronet is an Open Marketplace and permits all types of legal businesses (goods or services).
Buying/Selling via Spronet is highly recommended as we go an extra mile to protect the interest of the transacting parties especially against fraud and substandard products.
However, this is not mandatory as you may choose to deal with your customers offline depending on your understanding with the customer.
When you add your business on Spronet, you get a Free Online Store/profile which you can share through out your various channels of interest.
Your Spronet Business Profile contains a description of your business, goods and services, contact information and more.
Spronet gives you the ability to carry your business and customers everywhere you go.
To find your Business Profile link, goto
Yes! With your unique product link, you can share your goods and services on Emails, Social Media, WhatsApp etc and buyers can take actionable steps or even make direct purchases.
Yes! You are in charge of your products, customers and can interact directly.
To sell on Spronet, a Spronet buyer makes purchase of your merchandise and payment is kept in escrow while you are required to deliver the exact specification to the buyer within the stipulated delivery time frame.
Upon buyers’ receipt of goods and confirmation, the payment in escrow is released to the seller.
An escrow is a contractual arrangement in which a third party receives and disburses money or property for the primary transacting parties, with the disbursement dependent on conditions agreed to by the transacting parties. (Wikipedia)
Release of funds from escrow after completion of delivery take 24-72hours.